Occupy Bangkok: 21 Jan 2014

Wittayu junction was still opened only one lane in the morning like yesterday. There was a set of tires and sand bags blocked two lanes of Thai – Belgium bridge (like yesterday, again).

The large group of protesters marched on Rama IV road to Lumpini Park in the evening. A lot of office workers joined and cheered the protesters on the footpath. Some people took a selfie of themselves with the protesters.

The protesters and the office workers keep shouting “Thaksin/Yingluk get out”, “Thaksin be jailed”

Suthep also walked with the protesters, a lot of people cheered him “ลุงกำนัน สู้ๆ” (Fight, Unkle Kamnan).

Some people gave their money to Suthep.

The protesters walked, rode their motorcycles/bicycles or with their cars.

Their ambulance car was in the middle of the protesters.

This group keep shouting “Fuck you Chalerm” (เฉลิม ไอ้เหี้ย โคตรเหี้ย)

The protester signboard displays about asking a permission to check your belonging at the barrier in front of Dusit Hotel.

The protester with ancient Siam warrior costume.

Suthep made a speech at Lumipi park.

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