Occupy Bangkok: 21 Jan 2014

Wittayu junction was still opened only one lane in the morning like yesterday. There was a set of tires and sand bags blocked two lanes of Thai – Belgium bridge (like yesterday, again).

Bangkok_21 January 2014_01

Bangkok_21 January 2014_02

The large group of protesters marched on Rama IV road to Lumpini Park in the evening. A lot of office workers joined and cheered the protesters on the footpath. Some people took a selfie of themselves with the protesters.

Bangkok_21 January 2014_05

The protesters and the office workers keep shouting “Thaksin/Yingluk get out”, “Thaksin be jailed”

Bangkok_21 January 2014_07

Suthep also walked with the protesters, a lot of people cheered him “ลุงกำนัน สู้ๆ” (Fight, Unkle Kamnan).

Bangkok_21 January 2014_09
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