Occupy Bangkok: 17 Jan 2014

The junction between Rama IV Road and Sathorn Road still opened only one lane in the morning like yesterday. There was a set of tires (with more serious look) and guards blocked two lanes of Thai – Belgium bridge.

Bangkok_17 January 2014_01

Most of the cars were forced to turn left to Soi Saladeng since the morning.

Bangkok_17 January 2014_02

A group of protesters cars and motocycles passed this barrier in the afternoon. The leading car said “Sorry for the traffic jam but it is worthwhile to get rid of Thaksin’s root in Thailand” via his megaphone.

Bangkok_17 January 2014_03

Bangkok_17 January 2014_04

Some cars were paint with cartoon characters.

Bangkok_17 January 2014_05

Bangkok_17 January 2014_06

Bangkok_17 January 2014_07

Bangkok_17 January 2014_08

I walked from my office to Saladeang MRT station in the evening. The bridge from Rama IV road to Hua Lamphong was blocked by the protesters like yesterday.

Bangkok_17 January 2014_09

The barrier at Dusit Hotel was expanded to the footpath but the guards allowed people to pass to MRT station.

Bangkok_17 January 2014_10

Bangkok_17 January 2014_11

There was a group of tents next to the barrier.

Bangkok_17 January 2014_12

The road from Silom Junction to Soi Convent was completely blocked by the protesters street fair. The protesters main stage was at Lumpini Park.

Bangkok_17 January 2014_13

Bangkok_17 January 2014_14

Bangkok_17 January 2014_15

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