The benefit of big megapixels

I am always wonder about what benefit of 2x or 3x megapixls camera is. My cameras (D80 and GF1) are only 10 – 12 megapixels which is enough for my kind of photography. I used to took a pre-wedding photo for my friend with D700 once and it’s fullframe 12 megapixels gave me an amazing experience of file resolution.

Last month I copied Girls’s Generation‘s Taeyeon photos from my brother sister, @processic. She took photos of Taeyeon’s B-ing event with Canon 5D MKII, the first 21.1 megapixels fullframe from Canon.

When I started to process files from 5D MKII, I do understand the benefit of 21. megapixels instantly.

This is a “Fit on screen” view, nothing special.

Then I zoom in to process something, the 100% view file still provides an amazing detail (but I think Canon file is softer than Nikon file).

Then I tested sharpen file.

Now I understand that the good 2x – 3x megapixels file not only allow you to print larger or crop more. But it provides a lot of details and possibilities to process that big file (with a fast machine) ^^.

P.S. All photos in this blog are belong to @processic.

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