Muay Chaiya

Muay Chaiya is a style of traditional Thai boxing in the southern of Thailand, founded about 200 years ago. Unlike the current “sport Muay Thai“, Muay Chaiya allows throwing, grappling, and breaking.

Muay Thai_01

Muay Thai_07

I took these photos from Muay Chaiya demonstration at Nikon Day 2014 event in Bangkok, Thailand.

Muay Thai_22

Muay Thai_06

Muay Thai_05

Just let the photos describe themself.

Muay Thai_08

Muay Thai_09

Muay Thai_10
This is how Muay Chaiya defense.

Muay Thai_13

Muay Thai_14
Finish him!

Muay Thai_15

Muay Chaiya grappling technique.

Muay Thai_16

Muay Thai_17

Muay Thai_18

Muay Thai_19

Muay Thai_20
Counter attack.

Muay Thai_21

All photos were took with the wrong speed. I used A-mode which gave me only 1/60 shutter speed from f/1.7. I should use other modes (S or M) to get the higher shutter speed to freeze the moments.

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