A very brief preview of Lumix GX8

I just had a chance to play Panasonic Lumix GX8 shorty at Big Camera Big Pro Day sale event yesterday.

Panasonic GX7 vs GX8
This is a very brief hand on preview, so do not trust me :D.

  • It is much bigger than GX7
  • The ergonomics and handling are very good
  • It is lighter that I expected
  • The EVF is bigger, brighter than GX7. I am really like it
  • The price in Thai (based on the event and Panasonic Thai FB:
    • Body: 42,990 THB
    • GX8K (lens 14-42 mm II): 45,990 THB
    • GX8A (lens 12-35 mm F2.8): 69,990 THB

Panasonic GX8 kit price (in Thai)

The prices are very crazy. If you already have the m4/3 lenses and need to upgrade the body, the OMD-EM 5 mkII body (37,990 THB) may be a better choice for your money.

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3 thoughts on “A very brief preview of Lumix GX8

  1. They might think that it is cheaper than X-T1 and E-M1.

  2. I’ve just received mine, and have been shooting it for the last week. I’m finding that it is both a worthy upgrade in many ways, and a step backward in others. The EVF is great, as is the 4K still frame pull option. The environmental sealing is a big plus, and on paper the resolution bump is a nice upgrade. The files are more affected by lens quality compared to the 12 and 16mp sensors from my initial tests, and I’m hoping to really get into them at varying combinations of optic and ISO setting to see if I can figure out any patterns to what I’m seeing, but overall, it is a pretty solid camera.

    I’d guess that the pricing will come down within the next couple months as Panasonic seems to always do.

    • Hi Tyson,

      Thank you for the good information. I think the GX8 is a very good camera which can give an excellent result. However, Panasonic Thailand never cut down the pricing for the semi-pro and pro cameras. The pricing will remain the same until GX9 comes.

      I am looking forward to see the pricing and sale promotion from the retail camera shops in Bangkok which always better than the Panasonic Thailand itself.

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