GX7 Extreme High ISO Test

I just upgraded my red GF1 to “retro” GX7 (wikipedia) 2 and a half days ago.

I still love the enthusiast features in colorful GF1’s body but GF1’s ISO performance is outdated compare to current generation cameras. So, I decided to upgrade to GX7 because all Olympus cameras in Thailand do not have a “body only” sale option.

There are test shots with ISO 3200 to 25600. The first 3 photos set are processed only sharpen.

GX7 ISO 3200
ISO 3200: usable.

GX7 ISO 6400
ISO 6400: Still usable for me.

GX7 ISO 25600
ISO 25600: Forget it.

The next set of ISO 25600 photos are fully processed. They are look like photo from my Note II.

GX7 ISO 25600

GX7 ISO 25600

GX7 ISO 25600

For me, the ISO 6400 file is acceptable. I will test printing later to see how GX7’s file look in the paper.

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