GX7 Extreme High ISO Test

I just upgraded my red GF1 to “retro” GX7 (wikipedia) 2 and a half days ago.

I still love enthusiast features in colorful GF1’s body but GF1’s ISO performance is outdate compare to current generation cameras. So, I decided to upgrade to GX7 because all Olympus cameras in Thailand do not have a “body only” sale option.

There are test shots with ISO 3200 to 25600. The first 3 photos set are processed only sharpen.

ISO 3200: usable.

ISO 6400: Still usable for me.

ISO 25600: Forget it.

The next set of ISO 25600 photos are fully processed. They are look like photo from my Note II.

For me, ISO 6400 file is acceptable. I will test printing later to see how GX7’s file look in the paper.

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